Ok... I am planning to build a series of training recordings on this site.... as they happen..... let's start with these...

  • How to handle an incoming call. - This is a transcript of a text message that I got from a prospect for one of our listings 6 months ago. She is renting now and she wants to buy the home they are living in now. She started the conversation with a text message that said she doesn't know where to start... can we help? Oh... and I transcribed it so when I say "my husband", it was actually her words... not mine!  LOL  Oh wait... is that not politically correct?
  • Flippers and non-flippers - This is a recording of a news blast on 4/10/2019. It opens the door to a conversation about flippers and how they utilize Realtors, but avoid compensating them for revealing all of their secrets. Should you work with people who do not have an emotional attachment to the home at all or just refer them out for a referral fee? or is it smarter to work with people who want to homestead?  Maybe it's time to realize that these folks are doing the country a big favor by renovating homes that need to be brought into the new century. If someone asks you to help them with flippers, what would you say?
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